At the end of 1990, as the communist regime in Albania is still trying to hold on to power, a political prisoner is secretly taken out of jail and send to Tirana, where he is to meet his old schoolmate, now Head of the European Delegation that has come to check on human rights progress in Albania.... But nothing goes as planned..

Bujar Alimani About The Movie

THE DELEGATION is a story set at the end of the Communist Dictatorship era in Albania. After all this time I was able to put things into perspective and view that era clearly for what it was. I was born and lived for 22 years under the Communist rule and so I tried to stay as objective and realistic as possible relying on my own memories and experiences in addition to the script. I decided to tell the story as uniquely as possible when compared to other directors who have treated similar themes in Eastern Europe during the Cold War Era. I remove most of the bright colors and left the grey and brown reflecting our lives in those grey and colorless years. I stayed away from close shots as much as possible. This was so as to include all of the characters in the shots as a parallel to depict and include the players responsible for those gut-wrenching difficult years, where not one person was to blame but the entire population for allowing such criminal dictatorship to thrive unhindered.

Viktor Zhusti

Ndricim Xhepa

Xhevdet Feri

Kasem Hoxha

Richard Sammel

Rovena Lule

Bislim Mucaj

Mehmet Xhelili

Armando Dauti

Kristaq Skrami

2018 Warsaw International Film Festival